Please Don’t Hate Me

One of the most hated and loved creature of God is Dog. Opinions regarding the dog, so deeply associated with human life, have also been expressed by various religions. Egyptians, Persians considered killing of dog a crime. In Greek mythology its role is abundantly expressed in poetry, sculpture, and literature. According to the Old Testament, dog is considered a pariah among animals. In Bible there are some forty references about the dog, all of them derogatory. An English philosopher has defined dog “an honorary human being. Muslims consider it as un-clean.

Archeological findings reveal that dog existed on earth some 25 to 30 million years ago. This animal’s scientific name is Cynodesmus or Tomarctus. The friendship between dog and man is one of the oldest and most lasting in history. In all the vicissitudes of life, in peace and war, in misery and wealth, in art and hunting, defense, companionship and sports, man has been accompanied by the dog. Poetry and theater also resounded with love of dog: one need only mention Shakespeare.

It is estimated that population of dogs in the world today is 120 to 150 million. Not all of them are happy dogs. Many are victims of abandonment, by ungrateful masters or street traffic and of vivisection. On the contrary the dog has made a great contribution simply in offering its own disinterested companionship and affection. How many people have been loved by little dog? How much warmth has such a dog brought to a bereaved family? People who no longer believed in affection have given up suicide because of a dog. The dog has brought value to the lives of the emotionally impoverished with its gift of devotion, its living presence, and its tail wagging with a love of life.

Of all domestic animals, the dog is one that adapted most easily to living with man, becoming used to his presence and learning to obey him. He is faithful to his master never to deceive him. He is a source of vision to a blind master. He is a full time, unpaid, guard of man’s property and honor and will not hesitate to sacrifice his own life to save his master’s. He also provides entertainments if trained. He is good for thousand jobs. He helps in tracing criminals, murderers, smugglers and narcotics. The only reward in return he demands is “Please don’t hate me”.

Question to ponder is; what man has learned from a dog? Has he learned to be faithful to his master (GOD)? Has he learned loyalty, obedience, sacrifice, tolerance, love and affection? If the answer is affirmative, then why he (Man) is living like beasts? Therefore, it is obvious that there is always a beast in a man and a man in a Dog.

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  1. Old Man, you O.K.? Is it a case of poor eyesight due to old age? Maybe i’ll copy/paste what I just said since you obviously coundn’t read it. If dog saliva comes in contact with your clothes, your clothes will become ‘napak’. You will have to change your clothes in order to pray.

  2. Buddah Yusha, how can a clean thing be impure (“napak”)? Last time you were bitten by a dog (one reason why you’re obsessed with black magic), the injections they gave you were made from dog saliva. So you’re “napak” (impure) for the rest of your life!

  3. Doggies are allowed to be tamed and used for security/hunting purposes but not for having a close ‘n cuddly contact like in the west. It doesn’t mean one should be cruel to animals it only means one should take proper care in keeping one!

  4. I’m surprised that you don’t know the saliva of a dog is impure. It is what we call ‘napak’ in urdu. If it comes in contact with your clothes, your clothes will become ‘napak’. You will have to change your clothes in order to pray. So, next time before you decide to call my comment stupid do some research yourself.

  5. “The saliva of a dog is impure”. Mr. Yusha, before making stupid comments, please research your subject thoroughly. Click “Dog saliva” on Google and you will find that dog saliva is now being considered for use as an antiseptic for cleaning wounds in humans.

  6. It is obvious you love dogs having written in favour of them but I must address a few points. In the last sentence of the first paragraph you wrote that muslims consider it unclean with a disgusted tone. The fact is that dogs lick their bodies and the saliva of a dog is impure. If a person’s clothes come in contact with a dog, then that person will not be able to pray in those clothes. This is one reason people avoid dogs. The other reason is that dogs in Pakistan are stray, untamed and full of diseases. Cases of dogs biting people is very common in Pakistan. Not so common in the West, I understand, but dogs in Pakistan are a different story altogether.


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