Pindi Suicide Attack Near NLC Gate

Rawalpindi is the city of Pakistan, which is densely populated with Army’s uniformed and retired officers, and it contains some very high profile strategic buildings. It’s importance is more important due to its neighboring proximity with the capital Islamabad, and the terrorists know this.

Within a year, half a dozen suicide attacks have rocked this important cities resulting in the deaths of innocent people. Benazir Bhutto, the two-time Prime Minister of Pakistan, was also assassinated in this city last year on 27th December.

It’s very hard to stop these suicide bombers from striking, no doubt about it. How could they stop them from blowing themselves up? No way. But they can stop them from where they come. First solution is dialogue, and the second one is ruthless operation.

The terrorists are coming from the FATA area after getting training in Afghanistan through Indian secret agencies. Pakistan should tell loud and clear to India to stop these acts, and as a retaliatory gesture, a blast in Delhi or Mumbai would do. Pakistani authorities should rigorously engage in dialogues with local Taliban, and with the US help they should herald an economic and education revolution out there.

If that fails then they shouldn’t spare any miscreant in the FATA area. Period.

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