Pervez Musharraf: State of Mind vs State of Affairs

Mr. Musharraf’s popularity began to diminish for reasons that he incorporated for state’s interest but were more apparent as his state of mind. His statements to justify his moves regarding the delay of general elections made the blue sky more visible that fairness and transparency would lack. For his lack of seriousness towards the proposals made by opposition inevitably create doubt about the intentions of the neutral caretaker government.

His remarks and behavior during the horrendous tragedy of 27th December on which the entire nation was mourning increased the suspicious for the backlash taking place and for the aspirations and hopes that were also assassinated that evening. Perhaps he might was calculating the paramount advantage he was to achieve with the advancement of this disaster and exit of such significant and popular leader off the political scene. Not only his remarks made it sound like just another murder but the kind of inquiry was made, also enhanced the doubt of realities being hosed off into the river.

His state of mind is of a person that is kind of enjoying his power exercised over 160 million of population without any authority to question him. And the authority he considers to answer is none other than his darling western world. He would make the media free just a day before attending EU summit to sound less of a dictator. On questions of continues price hikes he would present the records of previous government that exported wheat at cheaper price and then importing it on higher price. Bravo Al-Magnifiso.

On the issue of conducting free and fair elections he would mesmerize the world by his magical words claiming they took centuries and so he required the same amount of time period. He is already aware of the post election scenario that magnifies the state of mind which he would score for PML-Q.

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