Peace Accord in FATA

The Pakistan Democratic Alliance (PDA) government has struck a peace accord with the Mehsuds of South Waziristan and Baitullah Mehsud has given his word to government that he would not be indulging in the military activities against Pakistani government in the future.

This is a very good sign and news for the people of Pakistan, but not for the United States who is hell bent on terrorizing the people to fulfill it’s vested interests in the region. India is also extremely ill at ease over this new development and it’s foreign minister has shown his alarms. Balls.

This peace accord should not ignore the common people living in the FATA areas who are at the receiving end of this terrorism and whose lives have been ruined due to the devastation caused by the fighting between the security forces, Talibans and the carpet bombings by the Predator drones of NATO.

To make this peace accord durable and lasting, concerted efforts are needed on both ends and the PDA government should involve the tribal elders and try to enable them to mitigate the angry feelings in the area against the Pakistani government.

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