Paradox of Benazir

People’s Party is the most favorite of the entire meaningful king makers right now. America wants her to get more support for its war on terrorism. Bureaucracy wants her to get rid of the PML-Q, which has now captured the portfolios now for quite long, and they are beginning to think that they would remain her forever. Army wants her to change the faces and to go in the background. The strongest reason why Benazir is the strongest contender for Kursi is that she has got a solid and continuous support of West.

All the genuine opposition is in the jails, but she is on the loose, and circulating in all the cities of Pakistan chanting anti-Musharraf slogans. One wonders, why a person who is convicted by the courts, and there are still cases pending against her in the courts is moving so freely. Private media was banned because it spoke against the present regime. Judges were ousted, because they didn’t agree with the government’s policies. Leaders and workers of PML-N, PTI, and MMA were detained because they were protesting against government, and lawyers and civil society members were arrested on the same grounds.

Benazir is doing the same but she is free. That’s a real understandable paradox. She is filling the gap for the present regime of a friendlier opposition. By becoming the leading opposition leader, she could contest elections and after getting a majority could easily capture the Kursi, and nobody would be any wiser. Musharraf will be a civilian president, with Kiyani as COAS, and Benazir as prime minister. People show their reservations over the situation where Benazir would have to make do with Musharraf due to the past record of Benazir. But when you look at the past record of Musharraf, you come to know that he knows how to play the game, and he is more political than any other politician, and until and unless he sustains the support of US, he is here to say with or without uniform.

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