Pakistan’s Problems and the Solution

Many people blame Pakistan’s problems on poverty and lack of education. Others on the government. I blame it on the weakness of Eman. This is the root of all problems. This is where problems stem from.

Pakistan has drowned in sin. Pakistanis continue to lead a sedentary existence of listlessness, heedlessness, indulgence in luxuries and pleasures, false pride and vainglory, sin, crime and transgression, oppression and exploitation. They are involved in mutual hatred, enmity, embroiled against each other in court cases and law-suits and competing against each other they spend lavish and large sums of money, involving themselves at times in massive debts accompanied by hefty percentages of interest.

This is the reason Allah has appointed corrupt leaders. These leaders have been appointed due to sins. The only escape from them is through taubah and perfect obedience of Allah’s orders.

Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala said in the Quran – “Verily Allah does not change the condition of people unless they change it themselves.”

In a hadith Qudsi it is reported:

I am Allah, there is no deity besides Me, I am the king of kings and the master of kings, the heart of kings are within My control; when My servants are obedient to me, I make their rulers kind-hearted towards them; when they disobey Me, I turn their rulers against them with anger and tyranny, they then oppress them severely. Therefore, instead of cursing them, turn towards me in remembrance and submission, I will protect you against their tyranny.

Muslims face new problems and difficulties daily. Now and again, reports of untold oppression and barbarism against muslims are received. Their lives and property are destroyed and yet they keep indulging in sins.

Time and again, muslims are crushed by disasters and calamities and their laments, complaints and wailing never ends. When their shortcomings are pointed out to them, they remain ignorant. No one bothers to reform themselves. No one bothers to avoid those destructive sins and crimes that are the direct source of their misery and suffering.

History bears ample testimony to the fact that so long as the muslims continued to uphold the Quran and ahadith in their daily lives, empires crumbled at their feet. Small group of devout Muslims were sufficient to terrorize and demolish mighty forces. Emperors of superpowers trembled at the mere thought of muslims.

Yet these very victors of mighty empires, when they succumbed to comforts and luxuries, discarded the Quran and Hadith, resorted to oppression and cruelty, became power-drunk and arrogant and indulged openly in music, wine and women, fell from the glorious pinnacles of civilization and progress to the abyss of disgrace.

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  1. SALAM
    Muhammad Yusha, You have to need analysis
    the all era since 1947 to 2011.3 parties who
    rule on Pakistan since 1947 PPP,MLN, and Army
    these all 3 groups are under control of US government.
    Some information, I would like to tell you that
    On 16 October 1951 Assassination of Liaquat Ali Khan
    Saad Akbar had been hired by the US government to assassinate
    Liaquat Ali Khan because of his earlier repeated refusals to requests
    made by then US President Harry S.
    1960 US base in Peshawar today in Islamabad largest base of US
    in global.
    these are the some information, I hope you undesrtand,
    we are much better Muslims in pakistan so do not blame us
    for further information you
    contact to me on my emaiil address.

  2. can you plz tell me how should/what should i do to corelate the
    conditions of pakistan at the time of separation of bangladesh, with the present situations

  3. well done…..
    its v.nice …
    would b v v thankful you plz post something related to the corelation of
    pakistan’s present situation with the past one..

  4. salam .. its really nice report im student ov acma.. mujhe aisi reports apni resentations k liye chahiye hoti hain … if u dnt mind u help me hes kinds ov reports … im waitng 4 ur reply… thnx tc

  5. oh — and we need proper governance. Not sitting duck nincompoops

    I’m coming from FATA. I hope MQM gains power in national Pakistani politics

    they are the only ones who represent lower and middle class. Other parties consist of industrialists and corrupt land-owners

  6. , good state education and health services, travel throughout our lovely resource rich provinces, nationalism, quick efficient and effective justice from the judiciary/courts (and a good appeals system), and less prominence to mullahs, and unity and love will help Pakistan

    cause we are a strong country –we can survive any crisis.

    God bless Pakistan
    God bless Pakistan Armed Forces

  7. Walekum Assalam,

    Dear brother, the era of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.) lasted for a very long time. At the beginning most people were corrupt but they changed completely. From burying daughters alive to fighting for generations over one camel drinking water from another’s land, they became the Sahabah, the most respected people on earth.


    Dear brother, I think that you do not understand my question. I copied your sentence from your 3rd paragraph
    ( This is the reason Allah has appointed corrupt leaders.)
    That time was every one involved in corruption during the era of holy prophet ( .him).I hope you can understand.


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