Pakistan should take terrorism to occupied Kashmir

It was good to see Pakistani spokesman publicly disclosing that foreign secret agencies are involved in the terrorist activities and militant insurgency in Pakistan. These agencies are using terrorism as a tool to destabilize and disintegrate Pakistan.

Pakistan Army arrested some thirty Jews, who belonged to Israeli secret agency Mossad in Swat during the operation. These jews were in the garb of Talibans with long beards, and they even knew almost everything about Islam. These jews weren’t fighting but trying to incite the people to fight “for the Islam” against Pakistan Army.

Pakistani security forces also arrested many terrorists from South and North Waziristan, who didn’t even know the “Kalma” and many were without circumcision and didn’t know a thing about Islam or its teaching. They were mostly Tamils Hindus and fanatic Indian RSS sainiks.

RAW, the notorious and ruthless Indian agency, is operating in full bloom in Afghanistan and using the border cities of Afghanistan as a launching pad of terrorists attacks on Pakistan. Pakistan should very clearly tell the US puppet Karzai that either he stops RAW there, or we come and teach them a lesson. It’s time Pakistan should start a real insurgency mission in occupied Kashmir.

4 thoughts on “Pakistan should take terrorism to occupied Kashmir”

  1. I can confirm this news that while people were giving ghusals to the mujahedeen in swat. many of the killed were without circumsion.

    the peoples anger and weloming the security forces in swat was part of this assessment made by the locals that the people who came here claiming to be uzbeks and tajiks as in the name of jihad were not even muslims and thats the reason why such successes were gained in swat operation by the security forces to dislodge more than 10,000 trained and well equiped fighters.

    Wine bottles were found from schools used as camps by these so called talibans and mujaheedeens

  2. hahaha…good post. Everytime i need to have a laugh, i come visit this blog and look for posts from Fahd.

    Jews, RSS, Tamil Hindus….hahahaha. No wonder Musharraf is your leader.

  3. You know, I’m nott surprised at all of this. I have been claiming this since Black Saturday and all I have had is people curse at me. But now that it’s out in the open…well…lets just say the fat lady has sung.

    Yet, I do not believe that the reactions to this news is correct. It is intellectually and diplomatically stupid to start a war in Afghanistan or an insurgency mission in Kashmir like this. We need to calm our thoughts and use words which aren’t misunderstood.


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