Pakistan Nuclear Facility and USA

Hillary Clinton, an important figure in USA for the presidential elections, has been targeting Pakistan’s nuclear facilities during her election campaigns. She has proposed that US along with UK would jointly secure the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan. This is a cynical term which brings an impression that she would use Pakistan as a proto-state. Despite the fact that USA has a long history of negligence when USA has not been itself keen enough to take care of its own nuclear arsenal and it establishes that her intentions towards Pakistan are bringing a clear infestation. Not only her statements regarding Pakistan’s nuclear facility are encroaching Pakistan as a sovereign state but it is also against the democratic norms.

Democrats and Republicans both have always been shenanigan towards Pakistan and this dubious conduct has always created further stomachic ado in the polity of Pakistan for American policy makers around the globe. The indolent activities Pakistan faced by remaining a staunch supporter of USA in its war on terror brought a series of socio-economic and political costs that cannot be paid off by loans or military activities. The irony of the fact is that despite all the support Pakistan granted USA encumbering itself, they still keep targeting Pakistan for political short term interests risking legal sovereignty of a state.

Terrorists are proving to be some kind of super natural phenomenon because of the fact that tackling with them has been really troublesome contributing in an increase in there strengths and our weaknesses. Not only it has endangered the security parameters in Pakistan but allegations have been put on Pakistan’s nuclear installments by American think tanks. This leaves no room to conclude what destination is kept and planned ahead by the leaders holding the title of super power who don’t notice the malfunctioning of there own but are always keen to look for the security for rest of the world.

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  1. Pakistan is an ally in the fight against terror? hahahaha. Good joke.

    Its the terrorist breeding capital of the world. Its one country the world can safely do without.


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