Pakistan Needs Justice

All the social evils in Pakistan like unemployment, poverty, law and order and shortages of power and gas have always been there since our independence. The only difference from now and the previous times is that previously such issues were put under the rug by the rulers, and now just to deviate the attention of masses from Pervez Musharraf, NRO and Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, government is not throwing a rug over it.

The real problem in Pakistan is injustice. From the thana to Kechahri to lower judiciary to the upper judiciary, the real problem is of the injustice and of unavailability of the rule of law. The people of Pakistan need immediate relief in justice affairs, and they need it cheaply if nor for free.

Two things can really make a difference in our troubled society. Justice and the Education. If these two become rampant in the country from Karachi to FATA, then the things will be whole lot different, and then no dictator would every dare to rollback the democratic process and no dictator would ever dare to start a military operation within the country.

Yes, only the justice is needed.

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