Pakistan – Ghareeb Awam ka Ameer Mulk

There once used to be a time when leaders of a nation were only concerned and accountable to their own nation. Now its a whole new world and when there is a national uproar against any leader he/she pleads his/her case on foreign soil. In recent past when the whole nation turned against president Musharraf when he imposed emergency and sacked CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry, he (instead of facing his own nation and trying to satisfy them) immediately went to his great grand master – The Great Britain. The UK government denied any invitation on a formal level and has clearly stated that Mr. Musharraf visited UK on his own request.

In UK he appeared in various foras and spoke about the sacked Chief Justice. He also met Mr. Brown – the Prime Minister of UK – for only 50 minutes during his one week long stay in London.

Yesterday, in Senate, member Azam Khan Swati disclosed that Mr. Musharraf stayed in London in a hotel where per night charges for a room are equal to Pak Rupee 2,000,000. Yes my friends, you have read correctly. Its Pak Rupee Twenty Lakh. Rs 2 million for one night stay. Mr. Musharraf stayed there for four days and nights and paid Rs 8 million for the stay only. By the way it is only the bill of Mr. Musharraf’s stay in that suite. He must have also spent on lunch and dinner etc. Moreover, he was not alone but half a dozen other officials of this poor nation were with him. Details of their room rent could not be known.

Interestingly, Mr. Rashid Qureshi (President’s spokesman) was with Musharraf during this visit and stayed in the same hotel. When he was contacted by journalists to know more about the expenses during the visit, he said that he knew nothing about the expenses at all. How innocent!!

It was the money of this poor nation where every week there are multiple suicides due to unemployment and poverty. And, it was the expenses made by a person who has always maintained his statement that politicians rob the wealth of this country.

God Bless this country!!

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  1. Senator Azam Swati of the Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal informed Senate through a point of order on Thursday that the hotel the president stayed in charged Rs6.30 million for three nights — 17,000 pounds sterling per night (Rs2.10 million).

    The president had stayed in London for two days without any official engagement and returned home after meeting British prime minister Gordon Brown on the last day of his stay.

  2. @Shakir you won’t be able to get your hand on those rates,coz they’re specially tailored for presidents/kings/royals … you’d have to be a president to get those rates..(they’re not listed on websites or offered for online booking)

  3. The most expensive hotel in the world is The Plaza in New York, which charges 15,000 dollars (Rupees nine lakhs) per night for the presidential suite. Could you give me the name of the London hotel which Musharraf stayed in?

  4. There is a bit of confusion here. I know that most Pakistanis are not good with figures (owing to massive nationalization of schools and colleges by PPP). Probably there is one zero extra, which should not be there. Anyway, I’d like to know the name of the hotel which charges so much.


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