Pakistan’s agricultural and industrial sector

In Pakistan Economic Survey of 2007-08, it was stated that currently Pakistan’s economy is facing four major obstacles such as, rising inflation, deceleration in growth, fiscal deficit and widening of trade and current account deficits. In order to cop these challenges and being an agricultural country, Pakistan’s government must work to boost its production of agriculture and industrial sectors. This must be the utmost priority of the government and private entrepreneurs for now.

An increase in agricultural production at both at major and minor level will significantly enlarge the country’s gross national production (GDP) reciprocally expanding the revenue. Only self-sufficiency in food can contribute a lot. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that as agriculture is largely dependent upon weather forecast thus, the government must also focus towards the industrial sector. A proper and planed boost up of this sector will enhance production. In order to face the economic challenges the government should make proper long-term policy so that no disruption takes place while implementing them.

2 thoughts on “Pakistan’s agricultural and industrial sector”

  1. First of all, the government should force all agriculturists to pay taxes. These feudals earn millions but don’t pay any tax. Why are they exempted? If they refuse to pay tax, they should be punished. But since the feudals sit in the assemblies, they will never impose taxes on their incomes. And Pakistan will continue to suffer.


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