Pakistan’s 9/20

A truck loaded with 1000 kg of explosive exploded on the gate of Marriot hotel in Islamabad which played havoc with the lives of more than 60 human dead and some 260 injured having witnessed the hell let loose upon them. Mutilated human bodies, some of them charred, some with out limbs, some sandwiched in between falling concrete blocks, woman, children entangled in blazing inferno and crying for rescue was enough to melt even the hardest of hearts. The entire nation was melancholy over the loss of precious lives and property of innocent souls, and will never forget it like that of 9/11 of USA. While heartless culprits might be celebrating their cherished desire to taste human flesh come true, one thinks as what option we have to counter this assault? The predator and the prey both are our own Pakistanis.

If we ponder upon deeply, we will find that in most the terrorist suicidal attacks the killer had a link with a madrasa or an orthodox pesh imam of a mosque. We are aware that, one way or the other, these suicide bombers get their strength from these two institutions where illiterate and ignorant mullahs are in full command.

The clergy in Pakistan has, time and again, displayed their tremendous street power which was used by our dictators like Zia (in particular). On this analogy the terrorists are working vigorously to convince the mullah community that their activities are sacred and in line with Islamic norms and successfully get immature underage youth, brain wash them and subsequently use them as suicide bombers, who believe that they will go to heaven after embracing martyrdom in completion of their suicidal mission.

To overcome this dilemma, which is becoming a real threat to our integrity, we must eliminate fake Mullahism. We have a mosque, almost, in every street of urban as well as ruler area. To dispense with mullah the eldest man of the vicinity should perform the duties of a pesh imam. In case of his death or illness next senior most personality should take the responsibility. The affairs of the mosque may be organized by the people of the area in collaboration with the government. No doubt that we will face formidable resistance from certain communities, but it may be overcome by convincing them to compromise in order to save Pakistan and lives and properties of the innocent people. Unless the mullahism and its street power not crushed to extinct, Pakistan cannot survive. These mullahs were against the creation of Pakistan and now they set to destroy it.

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  1. >The affairs of the mosque may be organized by the people of the area in collaboration with the government.

    I’m confused ambreen, just what govt are you talking about? The one that will be forced out in short time due to crippling corruption, a murder charge or two against top members of the govt? that govt you talking about?


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