Paint My Face Black “Raymond”… I am a Pakistani

Raymond Davis the CIA covert operative

Thank you Mr Raymond Davis … thanks a lot for reminding the blind folded, deaf and dumb 180 million herd of cattles called Pakistanis………that we are worms, the real pesticides of this globe, you can play with us, you can go on a rampage shooting people, your “friends” can play real version of “Need for Speed Carbon” in down town Lahore, and all we will say is… ”damn immunity covers you ”.

Pakistan is in shock and speechless, but they shouldn’t be. I mean lets go out and celebrate “dar ke raho aur sub khapo (be scared…. be blessed)”……..”sharminda mat ho Raiwind chalo (why feel ashamed, lets celebrate at Raiwind)”……….”aur darna kya, Adliya azad hai (why scared…..Judiciary is free)”.

We all have made a mockery of ourselves. I just want an answer… on whose hand this blood is written? Is it me or you? Was the widow of the deceased insane when she committed suicide? Didn’t she forget that she has no brother, no sister or country men left with an element of “self respect and dignity”. We all have been fooled so easily, or was it just a wake up call to us?

One last time that the water has surpassed our neck, the water composed of slavery, chains, disgrace, humiliation and God knows what. We are a nuclear power, we have ballistic missiles. I have heard it so much but I regret at not been told that we have given up sovereignty even by having these.

I can recall only one thing on this occasion, which Hazrat Ali (RA) suggested true muslims (Don’t confuse yourself by thinking may be we have an obligation to adopt it)

“Hakumat Kufar par qaim rah sakti hai… na insafi par nahe” (An empire based on infidelity can withstand, but not the one based on injustice).

Today the merits, the meaning of justice has been scattered. Every politician, those hiding in the corridor of powers, those fooling us by claiming themselves as opposition, the one in uniform and one operating without uniform  have their hands painted with blood. They have the blood of those 3 victims on their hand, they have the blood of that widow on their hand who had foreseen their betrayal. They have the blood of Aafia on their hand for selling a daughter, a mother and a sister to these imperial forces.

Lets make up your mind. This 23rd March should not be celebrated but rather mourned as a day for lost “respect, pride and sovereignty”. Instead of praying before Allah for worldly things, lets pray that he takes away every thing and grant us these unseen things, which mean every thing.

Why not free all those in jails. I mean they are also killers and they killed Pakistani (My apologies to Vice Roy Cameron Munter in case any American was harmed by them), whose blood isn’t that important.

This day should haunt every one associated with this green faith, we have sunk to the lowest among the league of 207 countries, and if we continue on this path the world will invent a new category for us some time soon.

6 thoughts on “Paint My Face Black “Raymond”… I am a Pakistani”

  1. It was not Raymond but our own elected blood suckers who painted our faces. We handed over the black paint to them and we will do that again and again. Why do we do that? because we are idiots and we lack morality.

  2. @Hamid, Sorry if my point was not clear enough. What I meant here is that while there is no doubt in the severity of what Raymond Davis but in my opinion the case was exaggerated to an extent that national attention got focused on it and the public pressure brought Americans to the table, and they negotiated on our terms.

    I am also confused whether Davis had immunity or not. Because, if he had immunity he can’t be taken to court. And as he has been put on trial, got punishment in one case (50 days and 30,000 for keeping ammunition) and released in other (by paying blood money), this shows he didn’t have the immunity. So, the next question is, why he has not been trialed for espionage?

    I believe that through this exercise we haev set a trend which is going to hit back to us in long run. Now any mercenary can come to Pakistan, kills us, and then throw a bag full of greenabacks as blood money.

    Interestingly, US govt denies paying any blood money, saying they are happy Raymond Davis was pardoned as per Pakistani laws. Whats your take on this?

  3. @hina
    i agree that odds always favoured CIA in this case from the start…….the day govt left a soft corner for Davis in term of the assumed immunity,,but simply every institution conspired to deny justice……..which is alarming, shocking and humiliating together

  4. @Abu Hamza
    A bird in hand is better than two in the bushes……..
    hype????a cold blooded murder is termed as hype……….if nothing happened to Davis, in terms of justice……….do u want us to sleep with the pill that now they will get hold of those two in the jeep??he called them for back up……….he was the key to them………

  5. You probably know that this is or will be going to happen sooner or later
    But the whole thing is done in such a way that it was sugar coated with Religion and Blood money law a/c to sharia so that the state could also prove itself not guilty and
    also have benefit of being Court’s Decision.

  6. Raymond Davis case of hyped up by the powers that wanted to humiliate the Americans. I presume that the rules have been redefined and boundaries are redrawn. “They” don’t give a damn about the people, who are, the pawns in this game.

    Interesting all focus was on Raymond Davis. No one thought about the killers of Ibad-ur-Rehman who was crushed by the American vehicle. Where are his killers and why they not brought to justice?

    On a side note, whats stopping the court to give a verdict on Salman Taseer’s murder when killer is in custody and motive is apparent.


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