Our Visionary Politicians wants Redrafting of Punjab

Punjab MapOne thing that always surprises me, and I am sure same is the case with most of you, is the fact that how much mature our politicians are. There wisdom and inspiration beyond any doubt is neither worth discussing, nor it should be expected to bring any change.

While the country has been gripped by the cancer of extremism, where our army is involved in an all out war, where more than 2 million IDP’s are uncertain about there future and where from FDI to energy sector is in a disarray, still we hear them playing with the masses. I am referring to a motion forwarded by Mr Mohammad Ali Durrani recently, in which he has demanded for the division of the biggest province, Punjab. Let the case aside, its better to first learn something about the great visionary who has come up with this idea.

Rightly dubbed as “Ghalat Biani” during his tenure as Information Minister, his political credentials are still sought. He is in the same league as we find Mr Shaukat Aziz, breaking to the mainstream politics through the back door. More importantly, the demand forwarded by him, one must ask him exactly which constituency does he represent? Before he was aligned with the King’s party, his present move is beyond any explanation, because this charter is not carried by them in the past either.

Lastly, may be there can be some logic in this debate, but first of all the timing is absolutely pathetic. There is no time for redrafting the borders. This can lead to serious disturbance. And already, media is filled with allegations that this is more to do with the mandate of PML-N in Punjab, than any thing else.

All we can do is to pray that people like him start acting on there own, instead of taking dictation from left and right.

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