Our leaders – Willful servants of West

Since the results of 2008 elections in Pakistan, all political parties’ leaders have started to negotiate with each other in an attempt to gain majority in the national and provincial assemblies of the country. Every day we see our leaders meeting various other leaders and issuing statements. They all seem to be very busy these days in traveling and meeting people. Interestingly there are some people who are even busier than these political leaders. They are the diplomats of different western countries. They seem to be falling short of time to do their other routine chores because there always is one or another Pakistani political leader willing to have an appointment with them.

The people of Pakistan have given their votes to the national parties and have shown their confidence in them. However, instead of feeling strength from this confidence the leadership wants to ‘secure’ a driving seat in the national or provincial assemblies by an attempt to get confidence of these foreign diplomats.

It is such a pity – yet another thing that makes me ashamed of being a Pakistani – that our leaders only look at their grand masters and not to the people who have given them a chance to be in power. They only listen to and follow the directives of American and British high commissioners or Counsel Generals.

If we observe, both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari have had almost daily meetings with one or another diplomat of United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, and Germany and even with Indian High Commissioner since 19th February 2008.

If we further observe, both of them have gradually made a shift in their earlier strict views and opinions about the president and judiciary and this change of views simply follow the statements of these western diplomats. Day before yesterday the US issued a statement that “We want the new government to have good working relationship with the president”. Yesterday PPP issued a statement that in the absence of 2/3rd majority presidential impeachment is not possible. Today, they have officially stated that PPP wants working relationship with the president.

Even the APDM who boycotted the elections and had the most rigid stance on restoration of judiciary has now become rather ‘rational’ and today stated that “we are willing to give the new parliament time to handle the restoration of judiciary issue”.

No one, no voter, no supporter or worker has the right or permission to ask any of the political leader that why they are meeting these foreign diplomats on a daily basis? They have not even formed the government yet then what these diplomats have to discuss with them?

These so called political leaders have yet again proved themselves as servants – willful servant – of the west, not leaders – courageous leaders – of the east.

Iqbal rightly said:

ButooN say tujh ko umeedayn, Khuda say naumeedee
Mujhay bata to sahee, or Kaafiree kia hai ??

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