Options For Lawyer Who Sprays Black Paint

It’s really hard to amuse the pertinacious Pakistanis, but former additional advocate general of NWFP, renowned lawyer from Peshawar, and active member of people’s party, Khurshid Khan Advocate, has once again categorically said that he has derived sheer ecstasy by spraying black paint on the face of the government lawyer Ahmed Raza Kasuri in front of Supreme Court, and nation was amused. Now after the fun moments have gone, people have stated to realize that perhaps it wasn’t that funny at all.

True, Kasuri has lost his control over his tongue, and he has been lashing at the opponent lawyers in the programs of T.V channels and in the Supreme Court. True, most people don’t really approve of his stance in the cases. True, he, after Sharifuddin Pirzada is considered as traditional Marshal Law laywer. But this act of black paint spray doesn’t really get registered well.

If Mr. Khurshid didnt like Kasuri’s doings then he could depict it in some other ways. For example.

  1. He could call him a name in Pushto (warning: even a minor abuse in Pusto hits like a rock)
  2. He could spray the froth of Naswar instead of paint and later on could claim that he was just trying to let Kasuri know in all good faith, as how nice it tasted.
  3. He could write “Kasur war” in white paint over the black coat of Kasuri, and then could offer a discounted dry clean in Peshawar.
  4. He could have brought a milky white donkey with him in front of Supreme Court, while spraying whatever he wanted, along with raising slogans against Kasuri’s unwillingness to get painted.

Here I runout of the ways, and now let’s see whats your take on this.

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