Only Allah can save Pakistan

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I don’t know whether I should laugh or weep. An advertisement printed in Dawn on 9th December asks the people of Pakistan to help in the fight against corruption. Nothing wrong there, except that the ad contains photographs of those PPP personnel who are known to have looted the country. The president and his spouse of course are known beneficiaries of Musharraf’s notorious National Reconciliation Ordinance, which enabled the couple to return to Pakistan and paved the way for Zardari to become president. The prime minister’s photo is also there.

It will be remembered that he offered to resign if it could be proved that his wife’s bank loans had been written off. Although Dawn published the news of NAB having written off loans in his wife’s name, he still continues in office. When such shameless crooks are in charge of the country, only Allah can save it.

11 thoughts on “Only Allah can save Pakistan”

  1. Being muslim, one can never be hopeless.there are about 200 plus countries,states on the globe,many of those having greater problems then us,even they dont react in such a hopeless manner.I my self had remained victim of nepotism,corruption (had none to pay to got a job) and suffered much,even then I can not either blame this country or spread hopelessness about the very existence of this country.yes ALLAH would surely save this country,Zardari is temporary phenomena,there are many good Pakistanis around you, due to these good pakistanis in every institution (even fewer,little)ALLAH would save this country INSHAALLAH.


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