Once Again Saudia

Benazir is nowadays busy at two fronts. At one front she is trying to raiser her price in the eyes of Musharraf, and on the other front she is in a quandary of whether to take part in the upcoming general elections or not.

She is using every way available to blackmail and pressurize the Pervez Musharraf, who is really agitated over the violation of deal by Benazir Bhutto. He has now believed what Chaudhary Shujaat was telling him from the outset that nobody could trust Benazir and it would be a throne of thorns for the President Musharraf, if Benazir gets the Kursi beneath him. Benazir is also hinting that she might strike a renewed alliance with Mian Nawaz Sharif of PML-N in order to defeat PML-Q in Punjab and to break the power holds of MMA in the frontier province.

Nawaz Sharif has also seen the ups and downs of politics and no one knows Benazir better than him. Nawaz Sharif is still silent, and he hasn’t given any yes or no over Benazir’s statements regarding a pact. He knows better than that. Though it seems that he is flexible enough to put the traditional contentious issues between him and her, and fight for democracy for together, but he has been burnt by Benazir in ARD, and he is very apprehensive now, because he knows that the minute Benazir gets a deal sorted out with Musharraf, she wouldn’t even waster a second to turn her back to him and the hapless democracy.

Nawaz Sharif knows that Kursi is everything for the chairperson of People’s Party. But he is playing it safe, and right now by zipping his lips tight he is creating more problems for the Musharraf’s regime, so much that Musharraf is in Saudi Arabia seeking help from Shah Abdullah regarding keeping Mian Nawaz Sharif from striking a union with Benazir, just in case.

Already the general election in the winds of emergency and clouds of PCO, and not legitimate whatsoever, and all the genuine opposition has announced that they would boycott the elections, and even Benazir is thinking in that direction, because she also knows that without deal it would be impossible for her to get the Kursi, and she doesn’t intend to spend a longer time on the opposition benches. If once again Mian Nawaz Sharif remains ousted, while elections are held in the country, then their would be no way to defend the credibility of the elections.

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