Once Again Nation Doesnt Come out On Roads

Nine-member larger bench of Supreme Court have dismissed the petitions of Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Imran Khan and Pakistan Lawyers Forum regarding the dual office of Musharraf w.r.t of presidential elections. SC said it in its short verdict that the petitions were un-maintainable. As usual the government side has hailed the decision, whereas the opponents have thrown allegations upon the judges, who ruled in favour of dismissing the petitions.

Now after this decision, General Pervez Musharraf can now contest the presidential election within the uniform. Election commission has also approved of his paper, and have rejected the objections of the other candidates. Justice (r) Saeed-uz-Zaman Siddiqui has said that this matter could be challenged in the SC, and Akram Sheikh has said that this decision was made on the technical grounds, and not upon merit. He said that the doctrine of necessity of the era of justice Munir has been made alive again.

All said, the thing is that SC has once again told people of Pakistan that they are there just to interpret the constitution devised by the parliament. SC is not there to devise or implement the law. If MMA has given Musharraf the liberty to wear the uniform through the infamous 17th amendment then what SC could do? If Ali Ahmad Kurd and other lawyers have to abuse anyone after this decision, it should be the leadership of MMA and not the SC.

And I think that lawyers are over-reacting, as SC still hasn’t decreed in the favour of uniform and they still have got the chance to challenge it. But the thing is that until and unless the common people of Pakistan doesn’t come outside and demands what the hells happening, nothing could happen. Once again the political parties have failed, have been failed. It seems that there is unity among lawyers and opposition parties. On 10th March when Nawaz Sharif tried to come back, no lawyers came forward, and now on this judgment day, no political activists were there.

The thing is that nation doesnt really approve of whats happening in the country. They dont like Musharraf government and they dont like PML-Q, MQM. But they dont either like MMA, PML-N and PPPP or Imran Khan or any other clown. They have tested them all, and they know that nobody is a true leader. Nation doesn’t see any point in throwing out Musharraf and bringing any politician back into the power, as it would be same as before.

This is the core reason nation isn’t coming out on the roads.

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