On Your Toes Buddy

Every president or prime minister of every era in Pakistan has shown a hope that Kashmir issue could be resolved through dialogue. It has become so stereotype, one can repeat it without second thoughts.

Present government has also shown such hopes a million times in its tenure. Once again government has shown this hope and has asserted that a positives outcome could be seen in the long run of the on going talks with India. I am sure it’s a false hope or in other words hope against hope.

I am sure this would be a diplomatic ploy, otherwise India hasn’t shown any compassion or flexibility or the honest seriousness on the issue. Indian defense minister is still crying that cross border infiltration from the Pakistani side is still carrying on, where some of their doves have confessed that the so called cross border infiltration has vanished.

Indian leadership is hell bent on eradicating the whatever strategic importance Pakistan has in the region and that is why it accuses Pakistan of promoting terrorism in the world time and again. Its plethora of channels are tirelessly relating terrorism and every bad thing with Pakistan day in and day out.

If there is still any doubt, Rahul Gandhi, one of the last remains of Gandhi family has cleared them away by ‘proudly’ confessing that his family was paramount in breaking the Pakistan in 1971.

We should always be on our toes.

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