Old Deals Still Haunting

So the presidential elections have been announced in Pakistan. Secretary Election Commission Kunwar Dilshad has announced the schedule in a press conference here according to which nomination papers would be received on August 26. Scrutiny will be held on Aug 28 and candidates would withdraw nomination papers till August 30. Polling would be held simultaneously in national and provincial assemblies from 10:00 am, which would lasts till 3: 00 pm without interruption.

While Zardari flaps his wings in the direction of President House, it is also being said that he would be dying to appease the foreign powers who have worked hard to bring him into the power. Leader of Pakistan Peoples Party Makhdoom Amin Fahim said he has no differences with Asif Ali Zardari, and this reconciliation tells that establishment has also approved of Zardari, and establishment never flips an eye without permission from Washington.

Zardari is the captive of the deals made last years and he cannot go back at them. Zardari can break accords like Bhurban, Lahore and London with PML-N, but then they didn’t give him the NRO, and the NRO accord is the most cherished and respected one for the Zardari, and his luck is shining and he is not a fool to waste this golden opportunity. He also cherishes his life and don’t want to die like his wife.

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