Nuclear Weapons Safety in Pakistan

Lately President stated that the Nuclear weapons are totally safe in the hands of Pakistan and its scientists; when previously the father of Pakistan’s Nuclear scientist being proven by Pakistani government after the US pressure and proven that the Nuclear technology was sold to Taliban and to Korea and then to Iran. Does the government of Pakistan realize that how difficult the life becomes of Pakistanis living abroad what impact do we face when such acts are performed by our country. Life instead of becoming easy becomes very difficult to convince the social environment that how peacefully the rest of the Muslims live work hard for their children and still follow and perform the Islamic rituals. Like any common Christian / Hindu living abroad.

How can Pakistan government say its safe when recently even the Kaaba is no longer safe when Nauzubillah one of them took a bomb during the performance of Hajj. Are those people really Muslims its ok when they fight against America or Israel; Kill lots of innocent people of Fiqa-e-Jafaria/Pakistanis praying or going for work; but not Kaaba; are those people really Muslim. Every Muslim wrong or right doing bad to good can ever imagine taking a damaging device to the sacred place not people.

Do we realize that such acts not only effects the country but also the people their children living abroad what good we are if people do not trust us if they do not trust us would they respect our religion and belief. If they are bad well they are not Muslims but we are should we be like them or show the opposite to them; like our Prophet (peace be upon him) when nauzobillah people use to be bad to him (peace be upon him) he (peace be upon him) still showed merciful attitude and not only him but all the prophets 1 lac and 24,000 the belief of only a Muslim to believe in them all. When a nuclear is a technology which can only harm the creation of the Surah Rehman the world of created by God not its human than should a Muslim put its hand in it which can not harm a todays Pharon but the creation Rehman. The living and breathing land our mother from whom God created our father Adam.

Then the Prophets (peace be upon him) followers and guards use to create swords which use to harm his enemy but today we create weapons which may harm his enemy but also harms the land the Rehman should we create such weapons. Even they used the weapons to defend and protect the prophet (peace be upon him) not to attack the enemy as all the wars of Islam prove that they were being attacked and used the weapons to defend. Which use to harm a enemy like Pharon but todays weapon do not harm only a person but also harms the land called Rehman should we be a part of it.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    The National Secrecy, pride and dignity is for sale in Pakistan ?

    The Pakistan created after incredible sacrifices of the people of subcontinent on 14th August 1947 since then the Pakistani people are left at distant from the corridor of power so that the ruling elite can do what they wanted to do in favour of their interest, leaving the Pakistani people at the mercy of circumstances. As this policy is denial of right of Pakistani people to rule their country according to their aspiration and desire to built this country, which can provide equal opportunity to all without any discrimination for the establishment of welfare society. Only the society base on tolerance, equality and justice can be the real guarantee for the prosperous and strong Pakistan there for your intention is invited to the crucial movement which could be the point of distraction or disaster.

    No political party in the election arena raised a finger against the centralized power in the hands of one person or few of them Nobody talk about to empower the Pakistani at grass route level, why? Because they to, want to grab, total power in their own hand, so how, politician differ from Musharaf mean all eggs are one and the same in the basket.

    No one dare to trust the Pakistani people and involved them in to the day to day decision making process with intention to develop a sense of participation in to the decision making process affecting the future of their country and their generation at large and share the real benefit of democracy, but, due to the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits, deprivation and opinions of the masses being an important element within so-called democratic society, they manipulate this elements of society to constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.

    More so, return of political leadership of PPP and PML(N) to Pakistan was subject to condition, political coalition cannot take creative action or dare to change policy in the national interest till (general) Musharaf is in power. Therefore ,It will be difficult to expect any thing positive at this stage. Current government need to take patriotic political decision in the interest of Pakistan without fear of American anger, because of US support during mediation process for their return , but as usual the national interest has again been ignored for the sake of power and external interest.

    At present they (US/NATO) are fighting their war of military/political interest in the region, involving the dependent country like Pakistan, under intimidation of sever consequences to bear, if refuse to support them; The current demand draft of 11 points, submitted by the so-called democratic imperialistic state of USA is a clear sign to a sovereign government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to accept and obey as matter of master’s voice. This act is a kind of intimidation and direct involvement in the internal matter of a sovereign state. This act create a question as if we are really a sovereign state or part and partial of USA,

    This is a moment invite us all for serious consideration weather to keep our independence in tact or bow down before this mighty evil, democratically bullying to accept the terms and condition of USA or in other words be ready to loose our independence for ever. Then, how can we preserve our freedom when our real strength is controlled by the USA, shame on all of us as a nation if the president and Head of forces of Pakistan cannot answer this question of National Importance, to the Nation that;

    Is USA controlling our Nuclear Arsenal ? If yes ,the nation would like to know ,who is responsible for this treason ? OR if not ,then Nation would like the clarification of this question of National pride , dignity and security ,that;

    “Pride and joy of Pakistan, the Nuclear Weapons, are on Pakistani soil but under American control”.

    That is the word from political and diplomatic experts in the West. Eric Margolis, a Canadian and a pro Pakistani analyst, who gained his importance as an expert on Pakistani Army and Afghanistan military imbroglio after 9/11, believes so. Writing recently in The Dawn (Pakistani Newspaper), he said that the American Command Control technology and security codes are already in place to safeguard the Pakistani 40 odd nuclear weapons. Washington now will demand complete integration of US and Pakistani forces structure. Next step will be to jointly guard the nuclear weapons on Pakistani soil. Finally, total control of the nuclear weapons by America, even though they stay in Pakistan.

    If, Pakistan does not agree to this then the payment of the budgeted $3 Billion US aid will be withheld. The latter is the amount, which keeps Pakistan as a nation financially afloat. It is urgently needed

    Who made pride of Pakistan Dr.AQ.Khan a scapegoat ?

    “The Pakistani Strongman, General Musharraf liked the idea of holding Pakistani Army blameless and agreed to put the blame on Adbul Kadeer Khan’s shoulders. But there was only one hitch. Abdul Kadeer Khan is next only to God in Pakistan. He gave the country the Islamic Bomb; hence will not take exclusive responsibility for nuclear proliferation to Libya, Iran and North Korea. In the interest of $3 Billion and much more in aid from America, Abdul Kadeer Khan agreed to take the full blame and got the Army off the hook.”

    In return, America agreed to continue the economic aid with a caveat that Pakistan accepts its aid in control and safeguard of the nuclear weapons in three phases as Eric Margolis has written.

    The cleverly placed disclosures and perfect timings have stripped the most dangerous country in the world of its nuclear weapons and got the military government on its side. The politicians and religious parties in Pakistan clamored a bit but have calmed down, since they also like the American money. In addition the Islamic war on the West with Pakistan as the epicenter, which started on 9/11, has made them a sore looser.

    This is a moment invite us all for serious consideration weather to keep our independence in tact or bow down before this mighty evil, democratically bullying to accept the terms and condition of his interest, or in other words be ready to loose our independence for ever. This act create a question as if we are really a Sovereign Nation or part and partial of USA.

    IDP invite all the patriotic forces of Pakistan to unite and be prepared to take the rein of socio-political change in Pakistan to protect the freedom, pride ,and dignity for Pakistan .

    Ilyas khan Baloch
    Organizer,Islamic Democratic Party

  2. i think u have nill of the research on any such issue which ur writing…

    When Pak Nuclear Program starts in Bhutto’s Regime, it was a contract between Pakistan, Libya & Sham, According to that contract Pakistan has to provide his scientists, and other Islamic countries to provide money for this project as country like Pak can not bear that. The 1st nuclear attack has to be Pakistan and after that Paki scientist has to transfer this technology to other countries…..During this time Pak Govt. changed severl times but money continues flowing to support the nuclear program and according to the agreement the technology keep floating to these countries.. After 9/11 when muslims are being targeted, this transfer pinches the European/ American media so this happened…

    Dearr… u r living in abroad u have to be an embassador of Islam & Pakistan otherwise situation will keep tightining on people like you… Atleast THINK BEFORE YOU INK….thankss

  3. so what u are implying is that if a nuclear weapon is with a nation of white race, that has used it on other nation, is safe, while if it is with us poor sods that dont recide in US od A, it is liable to be stolen

    it lookslike u are more interested in maintaining your so called way of life irrespective of what goes on in the rest of the world

    as for the prtection og Kaaba, i would suggest read Surah Al-fil (105) of Holy Quraan, even mighty christian king riding his giant elephants wans’t able to destroy even a brick of Kabaa, no one can do anything to it.

    Huzoor (PBUH) valued a muslim’s life more then anything else in this world and you have the audacity to say and i quote you “its ok when they fight against America or Israel; Kill lots of innocent people of Fiqa-e-Jafaria/Pakistanis praying or going for work; but not Kaaba”

    are America or Israel or Fiqa-e-Jafaria/Pakistanis not human beings, dont they bleed red blood, why is it ok to kill them.

  4. Please, please do some serious research before writing this kind of article. Nuclear technology was never sold to Taliban, and there is no proof yet that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan sold it to Iran or North Korea.


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