Nuclear Race in Sub-continent

India started the atomic weapon race in Indo-Pak subcontinent. India was the first in the region to do the nuclear blasts in the early 70’s, which forced Pakistan to seek the nuclear power for its existence and survival.

India compelled Pakistan to test the nuclear devices in 1998, by doing the nuclear test second time in the history. But ironically, due to the double standards of the West, it was Pakistan who faced the economical and military sanctions from its “ally” United States and other developed nations. Though Pakistan just did the nuclear experiments to ensure the defense of its existence, as it has faced the Indian aggression three times after the independence.

In 1971, Pakistan lost its large eastern part (now Bangladesh) due to Indian aggression and bloody intrigues, and the Kashmir issue is also pending due to the stubbornness of Indian administration, and which is causing instability, insecurity and dismal state of law and order in the whole region.

But despite of all these open historic truths, America who calls himself an ardent ally of Pakistan, has done a nuclear pact with India, which has aggravated the power equilibrium in the region. And due to this pact, Indian rulers are now openly indicating some new nuclear experiments. Though some US sources have shown their reservations over these open indications from India, but there is no official statements from the US administration.

India has not only given many strong indications of new nuclear blasts, it has also said categorically that it will not sign NPT and CTBT. Due to the strange apathy of American administration, the feeling is getting strong that America wants to narrow down the noose around the Chinese neck, and it also wants to pressurize Pakistani government. Though Pakistan is a so-called ally of US in its war on terrorism, but Pakistan has received a clear no from US in regard of any nuclear pact, though Pakistan badly needs nuclear power for its energy sector.

India is going crazy in the arms race, and its buying weapons from Israel, Russia, America and from other countries like hell and also progressing its missile program. India has never accepted Pakistan with clear heart, and Pakistan considers it an open threat, and Pakistani nation is ready to eat grass, but we will not let anybody romp us that easily. We will defend our motherland with our blood and soul in case of any aggression from anywhere.

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  1. People are aware of pak and india relationships … It is the fact they can’t be friends ever noo matter they find out way’s by talking or by anyother mean’s, it’s useless ! India will struck his success in necular technology more than pakistan by testing them frequently … It leaves a image superiorizm and more powerful state .. pak has nuc heads that can easily turn inda in to deserted place !


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