Now the Buzzword is National Reconciliation

Now it seems that after all the deal which was struck almost two years ago, and was finished recently is about to become a reality. In the name of national consensus or national re-conciliation, we are going to see a duo of Musharraf and Benazir, under the stern supervision of United States.

Rice, Boucher and many other US officials have not publicly said that they are facilitating this kind of ‘liberal and moderated’ setup in Pakistan, and now President Musharraf has also said that he doesn’t deny of such facilitation by the US. He also said that Pakistan comes first, so they are making it with Benazir, and the reason why they are doing it all is not actually America, but because ‘Pakistan comes first’. Due to Pakistan, the security risk of yesterday has become the darling of today. Both Benazir and present regime are cajoling the nation for some months now, and they have been exposed long ago. Even the worker of PPPP is confused and local leadership of PPPP has just become a laughing stock, because they are as ignorant as anybody.

Now it seems that the so-called transfer of power to Benazir would not produce as much agitation, as nation is still in slumber, and they don’t really care. They think these efforts of ‘National consensus’ as a farce, because its not national, it just bipartisan, in which at one side is Musharraf and on the other is Benazir. Had it be a true national consensus, others like Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, ANP, Qazi, and others would have been included in it, and would be dealt on equal grounds.

Where do we go from here? How do we exit from the logjam and the juggernaut, which are fast becoming increasingly unmanageable and a real threat to our survival? The ultimate solution lies in across-the-board national reconciliation on the pattern of a peaceful coexistence. National consensus based on the universal principle of civilian supremacy is the only option and the only course which will lead to the redemption and reconstruction of the seemingly declining state of ours, and national reconciliation shouldnt be between just two parties, it should be among all, and the best way for all is to sit together and ensure free and fair elections as soon as possible under the supervision of judiciary, in the absence of Musharraf, and then everybody should be able to contest it, and then without the intervention of army, civilians should rule the Pakistan as per votes of Pakistanis.

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