No Precautions in this Severe Heat?

Sun is blazing as was never before. Fire is everywhere. Humans and Animals and Plants all are severely affected. The temperature is touching the frightening figure of 50 degrees. Many people have been died and many many are in the hospitals due to the diseases like Gastro, heat stroke and others.

Daily chores of life have become hard to accomplish. The infamous load shedding has sprinkled the salt on the wounds of heat. Water is fast becoming a rarity in many areas of the country. In the day time, the commercial life is vanishing, and the economy is shrinking.

The strange and sad thing is that there is no campaign at the government level to facilitate people in this killer heat of summer. Nobody is telling masses what to do to save themselves and their children from this redoubtable summer. In this era of communication and information, there are lots of ways to raise awareness among the populace. Television, radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines, and even Mosques could be utilized to disseminate precautionary information to people.

Hospitals and doctors are silent too, whereas Met department is continuously forecasting about no rain whatsoever in the near future. Another strange attitude on the behalf of private schools is the “Summer Camps”. In this cruel heat, they call little kids to come and study. This is simply a nonsense and criminal. Government should take actions against these heartless institutes. Government should also announce a code of conduct for these private schools.

It is the high time, that government should start an effective campaign to raise awareness among people that how could they avoid heat stroke and other killer diseases. Mass media is always present for this very purpose.

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