New Operations in FATA

Richard Boucher, the most formidable arm-twister of the masters in United States is coming over next week, and he wants to have a final verdict from the new government in Pakistan over the status where Pakistan stands regarding the war on terror, and he wants to ensure that no peace process is initiated or no peace deal is struck between the government and the Talibans.

The alarming situation in the FATA area is taking its toll, and while the world watches with keen and alarming eyes, the things are worsening and the internal strife is rising, and also spilling outwards to Afghanistan and that is what bugging Afghanistan, but their real and nefarious motives is clear, as NATO and US is trying to get into the tribal belt.

Tanks and armoured personnel carrier and helicopters are roaming the area, and the US Predator drones are also talking leisure flights in the FATA area. Militants are not learning from their blunders and they are still fighting like hell between each other and only making a fool of themselves.

The Pakistani government of PPP is all set to repeat the operations of PPP in the area.

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