Need of the time

Pakistani politics when discussed announces defiance. Talking on any event one gets to know the impact on and around Pakistan. Minor and major events both magnify Pakistan’s position as a sovereign state on the globe. It is not difficult at all to imagine how far and slow Pakistan remained to develop itself as a democratic state not in terms of electoral system only but also in terms of social and moral development. Since partition it has been distracted to achieve its aims and objectives because of the involvement of external actor in the domestic affairs. Not only the Indian leadership and its internal policy gave India a far better position than Pakistan but also the non alignment policy helped it stabilize its bases first as an independent sovereign state in its true spirit.

Yes, Pakistani leadership remained infirmed idealist one rather then realist which was more important as a fact but the idealist policies also remained vague and kept changing with every government. Unlike India’s which were truly idealist and kept India first as there priority since its establishment.

With the progress in the areas of media expansion, women, and economic renewal in the last five years, don’t have any guarantee to sustain longer after another regime change. The ferment images and indolence’s of creation of Pakistan have faded away but the instinct of strong extreme sentiments; still remain in the genetics of Pakistani people. These people have enough spirit to change themselves but the need of time is to endure continuity and stability for a longer span of time.

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