NAB’s withdrawal of cases against Zardari

NAB court today has released the freeze assets of Asif Zardari including Polo Ground related freeze assets and a few more. NAB has also withdrawn SGS reference case against Zardari.

SGS reference was one of the main cases against zardari and one that was used to build the complete charge sheet against him when Benazir’s government was dissolved in 1996.

For the past 10 year NAB contested this case against Zardari. Several hundred thousand of rupees were spent in making the case stronger, collecting intelligence, following up the accused in foreign soil etc. All of this has abruptly been called off.

When government starts pursuing cases against any accused person, then whatever amount it spends on these cases is from people’s money that government takes in the form of taxes and duties. Musharraf has spent millions of dollars in pursuing cases against Benazir and Zardari in national and international courts but at the end, when the result of these cases were about to be declared, he took a U turn for the sake of his political career and presidential stature.

Do people of Pakistan have any right to ask Musharraf about their money that was spent on his will and wasted? Is this the good governance that Musharraf has been preaching for the last 8 years? Why shall we pay taxes to government? Just so they use it to bug some politicians who are against the rulers and just so they rebut all cases when a deal is struck with the same politicians…

No wonder why Musharraf sacked the judiciary and no wonder why PPP is not taking a clear stand on restoration of former CJ !!!

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