My Budding Endeavors…

Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are…

They were all sitting face down, all seven of them when I crossed by the art room class. Fatima then told me that my seven best friends from Fine Arts had been assigned a group project. They had to work out a drama as their final term exam cum project of Visual Arts. And I was their only hope…

Those memories that shine like twinkling stars on the horizon of our lives, those little stars, that are always there to provide the light of laughter in the topsy-turvy of time. They always rekindle hopes and desires, to smile again, whenever recalled. One such memory is what I still cherish the most when flashbacks strike me. Though fresh but the best!

After listening to their story I decided to go for the humorous genre. It occurred to me only then, that it was actually the most difficult thing one can think of i.e. making people laugh. I wrote down three scripts which couldn’t get through with their instructor, it was the third one that did well enough to pass the scripting phase.

All of us contributed in providing the script with a funny idea or dialogue or scene for that matter. The first run through took place at a friend’s place and then properly carried in the university auditorium for over a month.

I experienced 30 days of exhilarating, thrilling, tensed, joyous and stressed meetings having disagreements from how every scene should be performed, to being the director, the producer and sound incharge, and so many more things at the same time being a single entity ME. But what mattered the most was that, at the end things worked out pretty well.

Our play, titled CAPSTAN, secured the highest marks from an experienced maestro of a panel of judges who jurified the four appearing plays with the theme of “Larger than life”. Mainly because of it’s outclassing direction and the way those girls performed being amateurs, not to mention the magnificent sets we all designed.

Everything went perfectly well from lights, to the sound operation, to lofty laughers in each act. The crowd gave them a big round of applause for stealing the lime light.

I can surely never forget that moment of glory. Seeing them winning, and the events linked to it. Teenage… I must say is the era to discover one’s potent and skills with abilities to actually do the impossible. I discovered then, that I was great at directing and formulating a decent script(thanks to my radio job) These are the qualities I came across after analyzing those moments because it is not easy to order people, to make them do things, they have never attempted in their lives, but you want them to do in their own ways. The best part was that all seven of them accepted me for whatever and whenever I was harsh, ruling, pretty demanding and irritating but begging them at times to make things go alright in making them laugh over their own silly fumbles and mistakes.

And last but not the least, make them face the crowd and capture the stage. Fair enough was the First prize secured by the girls I then thought.

It was a discovery towards my budding endeavors and the best memory I have ever had. Whenever I’ll recall my good days, my youth this would be something to cling on to, something diverse and funny and creative, and best I can relate to.

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  2. u wrote it so much beautifully…luv it….n the title is ssooooo goood(kis se poocha tha? :P)…:)…..jus luv it….makes one get to oneslfs own memories….a job well-done i must say….luv u loads….:)


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