These are turbulent times, no doubt about that. The nation is entangled in myriad types of gaping problems and people are gripped by fear, anxiety, and a feeling of sheer uncertainty. Riots, tear gassing, shooting, killing, taking military personnel hostages, raids on mosques, stand-offs by militants, strikes by militants on military and vice versa — so much is happening that an ordinary Pakistani can simply not but feel concerned.

The political chessboard of Pakistan today is undergoing critical upheaval. And like any match of chess close to its end, it is extremely thrilling for observers. The difficulty, however is that the game is played mainly by just one person for himself. There is one mighty player on one side. No one wants to lose. He too doesn’t want. Therefore, he is forcefully and repeatedly making his opponents take back a move with any potential advantage.

There have been some moves which he could not reverse such as the reinstatement of the top judge. The mighty player should also know that at times, it is not possible to win no matter how much one maneuvers the game. Even in Pakistan, the aspirations of people can work. No political figure is in reality capable to stand against that man. The biggest and the most mighty opponent of that man is the price hike and poverty. The problem is that advisors and ministers of that man doesnt really portray a true picture to that man.

That man is presented with the facts that mobile phones are now with everyone. Traffic is jammed at the roads, which is the clear proof that nation has become rich. Nobody tells him that traffic jam is due to the narrow roads of last century, and most of the vehicles are the result of the bank leasing. That is yet another balloon here, which is ready to burst. That man doesn’t know that people are dying in the quest of bread and butter. That man doesn’t know that the anger of people is rising and is about to explode.

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