Musharraf Everywhere

Today is an important day…Musharraf is going to submit his nomination papers. The roads in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are now blocked. Hmmm….Doesn’t this act show that how important is the day today?

Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan said while talking to media that they would never accept Musharraf’s nomination papers if he submits them while in his uniform that is remaining on the Chief of the Army Staff office. The results from the Supreme Court are also expected in these days and Musharraf is going to care for no result. And that’s why he is submitting the papers without hearing that either he is eligible or not!

Pakistani politics… I am sick of it! What the leaders are trying to do? What are they posing? On a TV program from a private channel last night, the host said that the Government is not allowed to run such a big election campaign but is still running by showing different adds on TV as ‘Parha Likha Punjab’, ’Gharib Khandanoo Ki Kafalat’, ‘Peenay ka saaf pani’, ‘ghar ghar gas aur bigli’ and many many more. The question that the host aroused that from where are they meeting all these expenses? While they were taking calls from the common people, everyone was angry at the so called schemes just announced at the time of election and the ever rising prices of eatables.

I thereby conclude that the election is a mere fraud even in the name of democracy. It is all that they look to their own benefits and succeed.

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