Musharraf’s impeachment and Zardari

The present government for the impeachment of President Musharraf within next few weeks would make a move. Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed made this statement. However, Asif Zardari is tending to oppose it, he said.

Rashid Ahmed said that the coming weeks are very crucial as it is expected that people might hear some unsatisfactory news. At present, Pervez Musharraf was not an issue, he added. The following two months August and September were very determining for the coalition governments as they would go for the impeachment of the president or the President Pervez Musharraf would exercise his powers. For now, he said things were unclear and uncertain.

2 thoughts on “Musharraf’s impeachment and Zardari”

  1. Fish, this is all about accountability. If Musharraf is punished, all politicians will realize that they can’t get away with looting the country. Once the judges are restored, both Zardari and Nawaz will have to face the music. And future leaders will be pay more attention to the problems faced by the people.

  2. No reason to pay heed to speculations, no reason to wait for things turning in favour of the poorest the most unfortunate people of this country who are betrayed by their own! I think the government should import millions of psychaitrists to heal peoples problems as nothing material is going to be done anytime soon and we the people have lost all morality, self respect, confidence and security.


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