Mumbai Attack and Ajmal Kasab Denial – Give Me a Break

Like me, many others around the globe were taken by surprise, after reports emerged that Ajmal Kasab, the sole survivor of Mumbai Terror attacks, have denied any involvement in the attack, and also that he has accused police of forcing him to accept the false allegation. My surprise carries a different version. I say this because in the past I have seen the extremist doing fatal activities, of much higher magnitude and sophistication. We have the example of Bali bombing which targeted the tourists of New Zealand and Australia. We have the example of Aimal Kansi taking the entire CIA by its nose.

Though the motive might have some similarity, the bottom line is that the 3 accused in Bali incident and Kansi went ahead clearly with acceptance of there action.This is more of the fact that to go to an extent like they did, they need to have a firm belief in there action, whether right or wrong. Recently, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, the mastermind behind 9/11 in Guantanamo fully accepted the charges even before the judge started the hearing. Words coming out of Mumbai reveals that Ajmal wants a neutral trial at some other platform and is mostly unaware of the mess he is into. I have always been very inclined toward a story, which erupted from Lahore. An honorable lawyer in a press conference stated that Kasab was kidnapped by Indian secret service, while he was in Nepal. He supported this by the fact that he even was fighting a case in Nepali Court for the illegal extradition of Kasab to India from Nepal.

But then I am held up in a question that why the puzzle are falling apart so quickly, of the Indian-Raw drama that they made? I have stumbled upon an answer and that lies in the ongoing elections in India. Congress can bank on its success of handling Mumbai Attacks only if it keeps the story of Kasab as it portrayed, with links to LeT and ISI (of course a lie).On the other hand, BJP has pinned them down for having a soft corner for Pakistan and the fact that they mismanaged the whole Mumbai affairs. Its that fight which is going on right now. They both are fighting each other to extract the maximum out of it, and for this a new drama will be uncovered pretty soon. As far as Mr Kasab is concern, I am sure that the CCTV photos provided are fabricated, and still its in a very small number. In Taj or Oberoi or even the Jewish safe house, we have still not seen any clear video evidence proving the way Indians portray it.

All we see him is walking past here and there with a sack and AK 47. Its an excellent opportunity for our authorities to take Indian allegations head on, and counter the way Indians isolated us. Or else we are just waiting for another drama to unfold, made by the Indians.

16 thoughts on “Mumbai Attack and Ajmal Kasab Denial – Give Me a Break”

  1. Suchi My dear,
    Its like explaining romeo juliet to you the whole night, and in the morning you ask whether she was born in Mumbai?
    Who said Kasab is not Pakistani, do read the lines which were included in my article,
    2ndly, if you read the onslaught from your buddied in India on this article, I have maintained that the best way is to move ahead,
    3rdly, the lawyer has disappeared? dats enough for your wild guess what the real meaning his story carried?
    As far as Swat is concerned, well that has another version, which if you demand, i will be more than happy to publish on the main board.
    For a preview, its the mismanagement and some policy mistakes by our previous establishemnt which paved the way,
    and unfortunately it got exploited by a few hands, which I will expose at a better time,
    Regarsd BOSS!

  2. Well Joshen Mandez!

    Seems big daddy America convinces you more than your own wisdom? Nothing new, before that you found former USSR as the ultimate guideline for your National vision.

    And Madrassas, God help you to get out of the sickening phobia you have got involved, no man made cure can help you.


  3. Hey Ayush, you are absolutely right OSAMA is an american agent and he was given the job of convincing the world that it was his terrorist organisation. As a matter of fact it was created by the americans for the benefit of the americans.
    Kassab story about him being abducted by the RAW surfaced the next day. Why would not your carry that story? well thats obvious. They were having a field day blaming Pakistan.

  4. Suchi, ask your government why they’re giving a billion dollars to Afghanistan and not doing anything about the 836 million Indians who are trying desperately to survive on forty U.S. cents a day. From the first day of our independence, India has tried to cripple us. There are more separatist movements in India than in Pakistan. In fact, it is India which is danger of collapse if it doesn’t spend more on education and health.


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