Mr. Zardari makes a U-turn

I knew it would happen. Zardari now says that he is ready to work with Musharraf as president, contrary to what the whole nation wants. Of course, it is due to the sword of the case against him in Swiss courts, which the government revived two or three days after the elections.

If Mr. Zardari thinks that by ignoring the nation’s demands, he can save himself, he has another think coming. The people of Pakistan are not fools, as they proved in the recent elections. No one will respect him if he ignores the restoration of the judiciary and the removal of the president, who has lost all credibility. I’m sure his party members will be very unhappy. The best course open to him now is to form a government with PML-N and ask the president to resign immediately. They can then restore the sacked judges and set the country on the right path.

Let’s hope and pray that he chooses the course which is best for Pakistan.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Zardari makes a U-turn”

  1. Only in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan do the looters get away scot free. In any other country, people like Musharraf, Shaukat Aziz, Choudhry brothers, etc. would have been tried for their misdeeds.

  2. 90% (including BB,MUSH,NAWAZ etc. ) are all American/Saudi sold out products. They dont have any interest in pakistan. They are here as investors. On a given day, if times are difficult they will run away to USA or EUROPE leaving pakistan rotten & plundered.

    People of Pakistan gave vote to PPP/PMLn not zardari or BB or Nawaz. If they dishonor the mandate given to them by people they will bear the price one day, JUST LIKE musharraf is doing now.

    He came promising 7 things & when he is leaving, not one of those are fulfilled.


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