Moharram-UL-Haraam and Terrorist Activities

It will not be a misfit statement if is quoted as that month of Muharram UL Harram has turned into a month of terror because of the fact that this month has been planed for months by terrorists to conclude their terrorizing activity dogging all the foolproof security arrangements at higher level. And similarly, the precedent terrorist activity took place at Mirza Qasim Beg Imam Bargah on seventh of Muharam in Peshawar. Last year a similar kind of suicide bombing was also witnessed on same day of Muharam in the same area of the city. Despite all security measures made by the government and cooperation of the Shia community with the security agencies the event was made imminent by the terrorists.

Years back when suicide tactics was not observed in Pakistan, still these terrorist activities were always part of Muharam processions in shape of bomb blasts and firing on the mourners. Then, it was always termed as an act of spying agencies that tried to create sectarianism in Pakistan dividing the segments of society. But with the intrusion of suicide tactics suddenly the enemies have changed and are identified as Taliban and Al-Queda here in Pakistan. The question arises that why Pakistan is always been targeted in such times when other countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria as well as a number of western countries also conclude Muharam processions? And the answer is none other then that Pakistani citizens have not proved to be a nationalist.

At this time when election campaigns and holy month of Muharam have been used by terrorists to create chaos, distrust, and ambiguity in public relations with external pressures exerted on Pakistan, it is certain that impatience and uncertainty was to rise. How can Pakistan cope with this scenario is a far difficult answer than is made by government officialdoms. Therefore it is high time for Pakistani’s to cooperate in each and every form to reduce the level of uncertainty at there part.

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