Mobile Virus…Truth or Rumor?

So now there is a new news or rumor…..The mobile virus!

Once you receive a call from any unknown number that may be the virus call, you are dead. Some say that on receiving the call, a sound is heard and the heart fails. Well I also heard that it causes the brain to pause as well causing death. Some say that two hours after listening to that call, the person goes deaf. Ummm what is all that?

For the justification of the news, the research is being used. People say that there is a very high pitch sound heard through that call that causes the veins in the brain to burst. Some say that it is a very low pitch sound that causes a heart attack.

Now lets check out what people say that how can you know that it is the virus call! When the phone rings in, there is a red colored bear appearing on the screen or a spot or line on the mobile screen. So if there is such thing on your mobile, you should not take the call.

My uncle told me that he went to the market and people were saying that “Khatak’s”, a shopkeeper, relative has died of this mobile. My uncle went to Khatak to ask the truth and he said ‘yes’. Uncle was sorry at this and asked for details. So Khatak told the detail that, “His relative was talking on the mobile when somebody shot him with gun”!

So that is how rumors are spread. What I say is that don’t be afraid of these, Stay Cool…

2 thoughts on “Mobile Virus…Truth or Rumor?”

  1. Honestly, what a joke! There is a mp3/audio file which can be find via quick search on google which adults can’t hear but kids can. My younger brother use’s it @ school as his mobile ringtone/ msge tone, his teacher can’t hear it. There is such things as deafening sounds but this cannot be replicated on a phone, this is just a rumour gone overboard.
    We should be more worried about the muslim ummah and how we can tackle the real problems i.e palestine through constructive dialogue and the possibility of an alternative other than democracy and commuinism, have these methods failed us muslims.


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