Mixed Half Truth

Several governments in history of Pakistan have abused the freedom of speech, expression and media for years. Because the elected as well as military regimes, here in Pakistan always defiance vocal rebellion against their rule. The indolent struggle that began with independence was finally granted justice and the tradition was finally abolished by General (retired) Musharraf vision and courage. This freedom of expression was warmly welcomed and thus adopted with open hearts in all the segments of society. The common men of Pakistan begin to understand the politics and there social issues.

During the heat of the hour this media infiltrated to question the General. At first he kept on enduring it and therefore was appreciated as a good listener. But soon events began to go beyond his patience and against him at a faster pace. All his polices began to sound like one of a dictator. Musharraf was questioned first and then suggested options that were not eligible for his rule by the same cabinets of polity who had approved his policies since years.

Amid the course it was then when history repeated itself and an impetus was made again on the media, denying its freedom. After several protest and confrontation certain code of conduct for media was set and satellite channels adopting and accepting that conduct were granted back their freedom to support the propaganda’s designed by the power elites.

It is evident that this code of conduct has made the news channels broadcast limited truth. During all this show, authorities have been using propagandas to deflect public attention from the more significant and urgent issues. It is not the only harm made by government during all the previous months but now as the government can withhold information that is mix half truth and some times even false has further complicated the scenarios varying from social security to political justice denied. Today when state is contributing huge advertising funds is further blocking information related to security. This code of conduct opted by government must be sorted out at urgent basis because it is one of the very important aspect for fair and free elections.

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