Mir Ali Gets Respite

In a very welcome decision, it has been decided by the government that Pakistan Army would leave the Mir Ali area, and also some of the check posts have also been abolished, along with the abolishment of un-announced curfew. Along with this, the road which goes to Miran Shah from Mir Ali through Bannu, has also been opened for the commuters.

One of the very fine peace developments is that the Tribal Jirga has become active once again to play its part in the reconciliation between local Taliban and the government. Much has been said and written about the on going Pakistani Army’s operation in the North Waziristan, and all the quarters agree upon one fact that this war is highly inappropriate and its not in the interest of Pakistan. Though the pressure of NATO forces is mounting, but their senseless demands cannot be fulfilled every time.

We have killed enough of our brethren in US war on terrorism, and enough is enough. Where in the hell the Osama is? What is the merit of top-notch technology US possess? It has been 6 years and still US is unable to find Osama. Does he really exist? Or Osama is yet another figment of imagination of bush like WMDs? Crusader Bush has already demolished Iraq, and has carpet bombed Afghanistan, and now wants to do the same in Pakistan, and threatening Iran in this regard.

Tribes of FATA are the strategic depth of Pakistan. In all the wars, they have defended Pakistan from any aggression from North West, and they are diehard Pakistanis. They have contributed in the wars of 1948, 1965 and 1971. Even British was unable to suppress their freedom in 100 years, so its foolish to think that anyone can suppress them with force. People in North Waziristan are angry, and very perplexed, as why they are being targeted. They abhor terrorism as much as anybody else.

In another farce, US is arranging a disgusting Middle East Peace Conference to benefit the Israel more. Palestinian leaders have some dignity left, and they have called upon Muslim leaders (a.k.a lambs) to boycott the conference, and the Supreme Leader of Iran has also called upon the Muslim to do the same. But you know, Muslim leaders are waiting the signal from somewhere else.

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