Miliband U-turns

When British Foreign Secretary David Miliband came to India and Pakistan during the high tension in the wake of Mumbai terror attacks, he spoke the truth and reached to the root of the problem. He said that the root cause of the animosity between India and Pakistan is Kashmir issue and both should work together to resolve it for the lasting peace.

That daylight truth really angered the Indians in New Delhi and they protested with the British government and their intense lobbying also made Miliband to retract his words and now Miliband has sewn his lips. British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has urged that Pakistan should intensify the investigations into Mumbai attacks. He no longer talks about Kashmir issue.

The pipe dream of maintaining and strengthening the rapprochement between India and Pakistan that has taken its own momentum during the last several years as the regional cooperation will pave a new era of cooperation, a peaceful co-existence and socioeconomic transformation in South Asia.

The fact of the matter is that Pakistan’s efforts to isolate terrorist elements from its peace-loving populace are being severely hampered due to Indian sponsored terrorism in FATA and Swat and Balochistan.

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  1. Why are you surprised that the Indians are able to get away with mass murder of Kashmiris? Because the Kashmiris are Muslims, the world does not sympathize with them. If they had been Jews, Kashmir would have been an independent country long ago.


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