Menace of sectarianism in Pakistan

In Pakistan today there is discontent, envy, hatred and animosity and all uncharitableness. All these have resulted in economic down fall and social chaos. This chaotic situation since long has been favorable to sectarian warlords. What makes people hate cannot be termed religion by any stretch of imagination. Religion is not the purveyor of detest. It does not aims at making man arrogant and full of bombast as are the fire eating sectarian bigwigs whose only past time is to excommunicate others from the fold of religion.

The root cause creating distress in Pakistan on the issue of sectarianism has been lying in the fact that Islam has been defined in an utmost ill way. There are contradictions galore among the idea and reality. The state and society both have been threatened by forces of darkness and retrogression, one of them being the votaries of sectarian hatred.

The deleterious effects of growing sectarian conflicts need to be seen in a larger perspective. The root of the problem has to be identified and requisite action taken. Unless this aspect of social menace is tackled with courage and wisdom, mere exhortations and administrative actions would be inadequate.

3 thoughts on “Menace of sectarianism in Pakistan”

  1. If a disbelieving sect which calls itself muslim bases its roots in insulting Prophet Mohammad, his wife, his companion, Quran and Hadith why will their not be problems?
    Should we just sit and let them tear apart Islam piece by piece. The purpose of these sects is to take muslims away from the right path.

  2. Before answering the question of sectarianism, we should question the question first. That is, is it really “sectarianism” that we are seeing today? Is it fair to assume that sectarian “differences” automatically lead to sectarian “violence”? All kinds of sectarian, ethnic, racial differences exist in all societies. But do all societies have the same level of violence that we are facing in Pakistan. The root cause is more than just scriptural in Pakistan – it’s the politics. The conflict of power and interests of various political actors – national and international – are at the roots of the current levels of violence across the country. The common person in the street just wants peace and security. Probing into the escalation of violence in Parachinar and the specter of talibanisation in Karachi may be very illuminating!


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