Maulana Fazl ur Rehman For Prime Minister

At least I am not for it. Sorry for the heart burning, but I would prefer Shaukat Aziz on Maulana Fazl ur Rehman. He seriously thinks that he could be the next top minister in the country. In Sahiwal, he even voiced his desire to be the next prime minister, if only “people” could give him the mandate. God Forbid.

It would be quite a scene having him in the Islamabad. Yaar, at least PM should be presentable. He doesn’t enjoy the kind of goodwill his late father had, but he always remains present in the news. He really wants always be around. He is made one of the strange amalgamation of political style in recent years. He, on one hand, supports president on 17th amendment, then lashed out at government on Ladies Bill. On one side he is an ally of ruling party in the Balochistan government, and then on the other side, runs a stubborn opposition in the center. Quite a nerve he has.

Once he was a member or perhaps the chairman of Kashmir Committee in the era of Banazir Bhutto. He also got fame for a very funny diesel scandal. Its really hard to decide that is he a religious leader or a political leader, or a strange blend of both. Its an open question for the reader.

In the recent All Parties Conference in London, he also showed his colours. He not only defended his government in Balochistan but also made clear that he isn’t going to accept Bibi or Babu as a default next prime minister. He also didnt look towards Qazi Sahib for support.

So what you like Maulana Fazl ur Rehman, as your next prime minister? Come on say it.

4 thoughts on “Maulana Fazl ur Rehman For Prime Minister”

  1. molana fazl ur rehman was born in 1953.he got his education in haqqania akora khatak.he is well educated than any leader of the world.molana is hafiz e quran as well as aalim e din.he is the most transparent leader.and is elected by millions of ulama e deband for their leadership.molana appriciate goodness for islam and pakistn.but the only misunderstanding about molana is created by jews media.if some one has any doubt about molana then ask about him from the nearer aalim e din. and see his videos of parliment.molana can solve the problem of pakistan with the blessing of almighty ALLAH.

  2. My donkey will probably do a better job of primistership than Maulana Fazul Rahman. Not to dispute that he himself is a donkey.

    this is all I have to say

  3. It seems to me Maulana Fazlur has the backing of the British intelligence MI6. Beside all the domestic differences, Pakistan is ravaged by two conflicting — and, yet seemingly converging– interests. One is represented by London, and the other by Washington. While Washington, often most ineptly and bullishly, tries to intervene in Islamabad’s affairs in order to keep control over Pakistan’s powers-that-be to maintain a presence in the yet-to-be-unfolded Central Asian situation, London believes in using the most murderous militants ( it does not matter what religion or ideology they verbally propagate) to keep the powers-that-be in Islamabad weak. I believe Benazir Bhutto is now put in there for that reason. London got support from a section in Washington on the Benazir gambit ( Peter Galbraith, and the “democracy lovers” who crowd a most inept US Congress, for instance) as well, because Washington, among other odd interests, loves “democracy.”
    Maulana Fazlur is now courted by Washington. Why? Because the British strategists, who have a very heavy input in Washington on Islamic nations( do not forget the British empire in the bad old days was centered around Britain’s control over Islam and its ability to keep the sectarian conflict within Islam rejuvenated from time tot time and place to place), have come to the conclusion that the since the Benazir gambit does not look too rosy at this stage, another of their persons ( do not forget Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul as one of theirs) to share bed with the Pakistani Army. The problem is that if you sleep with a snake, it is likely that you will get bitten.


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