Marriage of Convenience

Power-sharing deal between Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto is almost final, but given the Pakistani political scenery, and due to the pressure of upcoming elections and different cult compromises demanded by both sides, this hastily made deal under the supervision of United States may fell apart before it flourishes.

The PML-Q party, which is the state league is in total disarray. It is disintegrating rapidly and Bhutto lady may lose die-hard supporters who think she has compromised her ideology. But what they lose on each side, they are hoping to gain by putting their lots in together, but they could both lose out.

Like it or not, though, circumstances have forced them together. Circumstances of not Pakistan, but of the only super-power of the world. Now each side need each other. Benazir wants the corruption cases against her to be withdrawn and to be prime minister again. Musharraf has his own concerns. He needs the support of her political party to ensure he has support of a modern political party and might not have to manipulate the elections to win them.

The political landscape will be further complicated by the impending return of Kulsoom Nawaz Sharif, wife of the former prime minister and head of PML-N, who currently enjoys a popular vote bank, that his party’s top leadership is languid and has been failing to mobilize the people to come out on the streets. Repeat exile of Nawaz Sharif has also dented the image of government along with many other internal and external problems.

As Musharraf+Benazir lose support, which they are losing rapidly, they could find Sharifs+Qazi+Imran Khan becoming increasingly and threateningly popular. Musharraf and Benazir like all of us in Pakistan these days, cannot really afford to take any thing for granted.

2 thoughts on “Marriage of Convenience”

  1. Is there really any hope that both of them can’t make any deal with eachother? Though Musharraf is facing difficulties now and return of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz will prove to be harmful for him, I think if America is behind all, they will surely win the game!


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