Lord Mountbatten The Cheater

Sixty years ago, on 3rd June 1947, the Muslims of Indo-Pak subcontient were united to wait for British to announce the news of freedom. Lord Mountbatten the then governor general of subcontinent had to announce the ‘The Great Divide’.

But it is now proved from the historical records that Mountbatten was a slicker and beguiler. He never wanted a separate state for the Muslims and tried his every bit to harm the newly formed state even before its formation. He even showed his desire to become the joint governor general of India and Pakistan after the independence, but Quaid-a-Azam never encouraged him. Quaid said, “No, this is against the will & aspirations of the Muslims of India.”

Lord Mountbatten showed his ill-intentions in his address of 25 July, 1947,”I had to address myself to the problem of the mechanics of partition…a plan against my personal desire.” Lord Mountbatten never accepted the partition from the heart. He said,”Remember the day of the transfer of power is very close and if you are prepared to come you must come before 15 August.”

He even offered all the Nawabs of India to get align with India,”You cannot run away from the Dominions Government which is your neighbor any more than you can run away from the subjects for whose welfare you are responsible. whatever may be your decision, I hope you feel that I have at least done my duty by the States.”

Lord Mountbatten and his dame Lady Mountbatten met with Maharaja Hari singh and convinced him to unite with India instead of Pakistan, and that wound is still open and bleeding.

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