Long March Starts

The long march of lawyers-cum-judges movement has started, and the caravans have started to move from all over the country. These caravans are coming over from all the provinces of Pakistan and also from the Azad Kashmir and the Northern areas. These caravans are scheduled to meet in Rawalpindi, from where they will march towards the parliament house.

The Punjab government has officially recognized the long march, and they have even formed the committees for the facilitations of the long march, and they are rendering full support to it. Other governments in the rest of the three provinces are also giving free hand to the lawyers and so is expected in the federal capital, Islamabad, which was a no-go area for the lawyers in the Musharraf era.

The lawyers have also got some huge responsibility on their shoulders. They need to behave and they need to respect the parliament and its member. But so far lawyers have proved peaceful and decent by and large and they are expected to repeat their decent performance once again.

The government of Pakistan People’s Party also need to be in their senses, and they shouldn’t be playing any games.

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