LAYS Chaat Street: Delighting Pakistani fans with local street food flavors

Lays Chaat Street

One mark of international brands succeeding in foreign markets? Adapting to the local customs and environment while retaining their original identity.

LAYS, the popular brand of potato chips owned by Pepsico in Pakistan is one global Western brand that understands its local market well. LAYS chips take on a fun local vibe everywhere around the world by bringing out certain flavors that are unique only for that market and suit local tastes.

In Pakistan, last year Ramadan saw the introduction of two new flavors under a new range called Lays Chaat Street. The Chaat Street range reflected popular street food culture and some favorite savory snacks in Pakistan, and was a success.

Now LAYS has relaunched the Chaat Street range again this year as a limited time edition.

‘We as Pakistani’s are absolute flavor-lovers and variety-seekers’ said Beenish Hussain – Marketing Manager, Pepsico Pakistan. ‘We are very proud of our unique traditions but at the same time the western world beckons with its flash of glamor and modernity  – and in between this tug of war,  there are always these little joyful things that remind us how strong are our bonds to our distinctive roots and how much pride we take in our cultural identity -such as the taste of our favorite Pakistani food.

Lays Chaat Street flavor will offer our consumers a limited time opportunity to munch on two favorite food flavors – Dahi Baray and Mint Chutney.’

Lays Dahi Baray are fresh potato chips mixed with special Dahi-baray flavored spices – the tangy taste of spicy yogurt in crisp potato chips is so much fun, it’s like standing by a food stall on a busy night and delighting in a plate full of tasty Dahi Baray with your favorite group of friends.

Lays Mint Chutney has captured Pakistan’s most traditional and popular savory green chutney that goes just about with everything. Local fans have been loving the zip and zing of these flavors and were delighted when Lays Pakistan announced the relaunch on its Facebook page to over 700,000 fans.

‘(ChaatStreet) is the best one yet!’ tweeted one fan.

The Lays Facebook page features regular posts showcasing a bright and fun brand that has kept up its global image while fitting into Pakistan’s vibrant and enthusiastic culture. Case in point, the new Chaat Street campaign featured a potato character in one Facebook post wearing a turban, thick mustache, sunglasses and a strategically placed mole – and stated ‘Potato Swag, Pakistani style, is back.’

FB Post Lays Chaat Street

With the two Chaat Street flavors presenting a contemporary twist on Pakistani tradition in the universal style of Lays adapting to cultures around the globe, it seems like it certainly is back.


For a while until the limited edition campaign is over, that is.

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