Lal Masjid: Enough is Enough

I feel sad, really sad. Watching Maulana Abdul Aziz clad in Burqa facing an aggressive anchorperson at PTV doesn’t give me any thrill or satisfaction. My heart weeps. I really dont endorse the policies, attitude and behavour of the administration of Lal Masjid. Their objective was noble, but the execution of approach was wrong and beyond comprehension.

But Maulana is a religious scholar, and a Khateeb. Yes he did do some foolish things and showed a very stubborn attitude. Yes he is also responsible along with officials for the deaths of 20 or so people. Yes, he is also responsible for the loss of property. Yes is he also responsible for the bad image of Islam and Pakistan portrayed the world over.

But they should at least remove his Burqa before presenting him in front of camera. Please stop ridiculing the dignity of Burqa and Hijab. Please stop tormenting us. Enough is enough.

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