Lakki Marwat Blast

As Hoti family of NWFP with the approval of Wali Bagh starts preparing taking the hold of NWFP throne, terrorists give them a feeler.

Deputy Superintendent Police Javed Iqbal of Lakki Marwat Circle, Swat was going to office from his house in the Railway Colony Building when his vehicle struck the bomb planted by unknown militants. The police officer and his driver died on the spot. Two injured constables succumbed to their injuries while being taken to Peshawar from the Lakki City hospital.

When in the evening his funeral was in progress and the last salute was being offered to him, a suicide bomber blew himself killing more than 50 people, while hundreds of people were injured and rushed to the hospital. Close relatives of the assassinated DSP, including his son and brother-in-law and local journalist Sirajuddin were among those killed in the funeral attack. A week earlier, 14 people had been killed in an attack on a bridal party in Swat.

So for the Awami National Party, things wont’ be that rosy and they face some real mammoth and frightening challenges when they step into the CM house Peshawar. In order to solve these problems they need to see beyond changing the name of province.

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