Kidnapping in Rage

The law and order situation across Pakistan is alarmingly dangerous. Nobody is safe within and outside his home. One of the crimes which is really becoming a threatening menace is the kidnapping and ransom. Due to the ease of execution, dismal law and order, un-awareness among the populace, poverty and greed in the society, this scary act is one of the easiest way to obtain money.

Obaid Pasha, a student of BCS, resident of Gulzar-a-Quaid, Rawalpindi was murdered brutally in such a crime. He was kidnapped on 6th March of this year, and was strangled to death on 11th or 12th March. His captors then collected the ransom after his death, at the end of the March. They were arrested couple of days ago from Rawalpindi. The two kidnappers comprised of a female Samara a.k.a Saba and Dr. Raheel Omair. Dr. Raheel was a family friend of Obaid Pasha and used to come to their house even after the kidnapping. Samara was the leader of the two. That cold-blooded female is said to be a professional killer and kidnapper, who has being doing this kind of heinous acts for many years. The family of Obaid is ruined, and so are the claims of all the rosy pictures of law and order in the twin cities.

In these dangerous times, the best course of action is to defend one self by proactive measures. Nobody, other than the closed relatives should be allowed inside the affairs of family. One should not disclose his or her financial status and progress to anybody. One should not discuss one’s itinerary with anyone. One should not lean on police or law enforcement agencies for protection.

Upon such a nadir act, I am perplexed about the meaning of humanity.

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  1. A surprising news about said Samara or Saba.Some people do remember that a few years ago a family was drowned at Khanpur dam near Taxila. The family was husbandof this killer and his relatives but this lady came safe and more surprising that their is no FIR of killing of many people. Again a news of death of her father is also learnt in suspecious circumstanses. She has a baby child from her second husband. Bogus Doctor Raheel has also a baby from his doctor wife.

  2. Ubaid pasha was having two brothers. Jawad & Junaid. Ubaid and Jawad studied at same schools and they both were studying at same university.Jawad Pasha is now 26 year old. he is now perhaps one of a few Persistent Vegetative State patients who can prove their consciousness. He was a beautiful smart 6 feet high young man, with a smile on his lips, dancing laughing and happy looking boy. He is still perhaps most beautiful Persistent Vegetative State in the world. You can see him sitting on my profile.
    He was studying at Comsat Islamabad for his BBA degree. On 13th September 2004 his family was shocked by news that he is at military hospital Rawalpindi in very critical condition with some unknown accident. Doctors were having no hope of survival. It was a very severe head injury. there was no communication except some times blinking eyes in yes, even up to now. Later smiling and laughing was added so we could know he is happy. We are still unsure about his diagnoses and every time we consult a new doctor. he was under treatment since than at the 2 top hospitals and visited almost all famous hospitals here at Pakistan, brought him twice to Singapore SGH but only loss because they have no specialty regarding T B I. but his family having other tragedies meanwhile. His younger brother Ubaid Pasha who was 23 was kidnapped for ransom on 5th March2007, the same day on which he completed his computer degree and kidnappers received the ransom but they killed him and his body was found after arrest of the kidnappers and one of killers Roheel Asghar was the person who supplied medical equipment for Jawad Pasha. Ubaid Pasha was a Hope for the family and his elder disable brother. Meanwhile Land mafia power full here found these events fit to capture the family business .They torched threatened the family and beaten elder brother of Jawad Pasha and the old father is trying to prevent the business.
    He is fully wise smiles and laughs when listen such talks, tries to move a little his hand or foot , identify and remember people and voices working hard since than without guidance. He is with good heath till now. There are visible signs of effort of the patient to regain his command on different body parts and a visible improvement. He still needs support in different fields such as Exercise machines for such patients. Family is trying their level best and feel that they are going to see some improvements and it is going to be happen without any proper guidance, treatment or advise only by grace of god and support by family and friends of the patient my son Jawad Pasha and friends of their murdered son Ubaid Pasha. his 57 year old father, his mother already with kidney transplant, total hip replacement, Asthma and other problem and younger studying sister and other family members are working hard and committed to see him back on his feet are looking every where to have some support but still nothing practical. Jawad Pasha is up to now looks hopeful, smiling even laughing sometimes. Looking for brain injury and rehabilitation specialists all over the world to do something for him. Killer bogus doctor Raheel Asghar is in jail but they are afraid that spending lot of money he will be out soon.Ubaid when alive took disable brother Jawad Pasha out to any place out of city every weekend now no one who can do this.
    Jawad Pasha is a wonderful patient now, still having no command or control on his body but otherwise fully aware with good health. . One way communication since 4 years. We see him smiling and sometime hear him laughing. Very much in need of a Physiotherapy specialist like one Dr Carina Eksteen of Pretoria who guided us when she came Pakistan to help earth quake victims.
    Jawad Pasha now showing more signs of improvement and tries to make voices and move his fingers ,hands ,arms and a foot but with touch stemulation and some times by his own command. (We can say that an alternative command).Please prey for us.We are in much need of your preys.Allah ham per karam karay

  3. There are some more tragedies relating with killing of Ubaid Pasha.If the such lady was leadre perhaps she was working for a land mafia.Elder brother of Ubaid Pasha was already hit by an unknowm incident in 2004 and he is a persistent vegetaive tate since than (Totally disabled). His name is Jawad Pasha.So-called Doctor Raheel Asghar is not a doctor. He was only reading at a medical college in Lahore and was resticated from college. One the rest brother of Ubaid Pasha was also torchoured by same mafia , beaten badly and and now not able to walk properly.The family is still struggling.Ubaid Pasha was a hope for his family but the killers finished that.


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