Kerry Lugar Bill: Doesn’t Matter If You Look The Other Way Sir!

As argued, the Kerry-Lugar bill has brought the whole democratic system of Pakistan to a stand still, but till now one thing can be stated without any reservation or doubt that it’s the internal forces which have contributed the most rather than the perceived culprit, America.

One has to go back to the immediate scenario after the bill was passed. It seemed if the top office bearer of Pakistan had discovered the largest reserves of gold under the K-2. A celebration was under way and why not, we 180 million dumb masses were silenced by arrogant remarks that first we have to improve our vocabulary in order to find the real meaning of the legislature. I accept that atleast I will happily walk into the category of an illiterate, because the scale for their literacy requires exemption of dignity and basic sense.

From that time most of the ruling coalation has been pushed to the wall in order to defend this legislation. On and off it has been reported that Mr President has taken this issue as a battle for the last man standing, and this is the same impression that we extract after from “we have not found any thing against Pakistan in this legislatue”. Again I would say being illiterate according to their merits, they may be right after all!

This is not he first time that a folly of this magnitude has occurred from the existing administration, but undoubtedly this will go a long way. The parliament’s silence over such a controversial bill has given way to open objection from “uniform” circles, as we saw just 2 days back. Keeping track of the recent developments, at least some one has to step in at some stage to stop this “roller coaster” ride we have been embarked on, and it is still time that this step must come from the ruling coalation itself, instead of giving a bed of roses to the 3rd party.

One statement from the top office was truly surprising, where it was argued that in past also bills like this were passed and no one ever argued. Baseless! I mean a 5th grader can solve the puzzle that at that time the “popular will” was under detention but today it seems that through fake promises it has been hijacked once again. We don’t want any aid which compromises our national security, our only guarantee of existence from our enemies and a compromise on our sovereignty (though there is hardly anything left). So, in this case which “will” has been represented by the top office bearers when they found $1.billion more important than the future of 180 million living souls.

A democracy of this sort is unique in the entire history. Instead of becoming the new Henry Kissinger of Pakistan, the masses need your performance report on the basic domestic issues like energy, sugar and wheat crisis. Has the label of a terror harbouring state been removed from us in return for the outstanding diplomatic efforts of Mr Haqqani?

To all these queries there is a simple answer which can be spelled as “absolute failure”. They have gone to such an extent that even the top opposition leadership (though friendly at all time) have fled the scene as they have given up any hope of a revival from the current setup. It was the masses who brought the dictator to his knees and brought this democracy (well partial) back in this land. From quite a long time I have argued that unless our establishment finds out whether they are here by US blessing or ours, they will be in a state of confusion as we find them today. Americans can at best help you as they did the Shah of Iran! May be it is already too late to make a right turn ………….

4 thoughts on “Kerry Lugar Bill: Doesn’t Matter If You Look The Other Way Sir!”

  1. its shame full if the bill got passed. america is doing what the israel did with palastine, america is purchasing the land and want to use it for its own WRONG motives. shame on politicians if they let the bill passed, that mean they are selling their mother land, but they should know that in the end they have to go in a 2 yard dark grave with out BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!


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