Karachi Protests: Celebrations turn into mourning

Complete strike is being observed in Karachi to protest against yesterday’s brutal act of terrorism. All the markets are closed today with little traffic on roads. Schools have also been closed for three days by the Sindh Government as it has announced three day’s mourning. Karachi is once again in the grip of  shock and fear.  

Things have moved from  bad to worse in recent years. Though, Karachi has witnessed many sad incidents in the past but this incident is first of kind as it was carried on the day when whole Muslim ummah was celebrating the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).  

Apparently, the timing was chosen by the terrorists  to  turn the celebrations into mourning. Thousands of people were present in the Nishtar Park but the attack was carried out on the stage where prominent religious personalities were present. It’s intriguing that the  terrorists chose to attack the stage instead of going into the crowds. Karachi has seen incidents of target killings of religious scholars in the past. This time they found many at one place. Or perhaps, they wanted to put fear in the people for holding such religious activities at the large scale. There could be many possibilities which law enforcement agencies would have to look at and as the President said,  one thing is sure; no Muslim can do such an inhuman act. Perhaps he meant Muslim by belief otherwise many people with Muslim names kill fellow Muslims for such a small thing like a mobile phone.  

Qazi Hussain Ahmad has termed it an international conspiracy of the anti Islamic forces but  it’s unlikely that a foreigner could have  joined the Prayers without coming into notice, so  there  is need of  finding those insiders who perform on behest of  foreign  forces.  

An investigation  has been ordered by the President of Pakistan and compensation announced by the provincial government. Helpless to do anything to stop such types of incidents from happening at first place, the government tries to control the  anger and frustration of the people by taking same old steps which it  does in each case;  meanwhile those who do such barbarous acts remain free to strike again at the time of their will.  

In all the terrorist related acts, the government moves by taking conventional  steps. Steps which look like a check list. Compensation is announced immediately with the order of probe and promise of providing free medical aid to the injured. In some cases a judicial inquiry is also announced. Recently, it has added closure of educational institutions in the book. Nothing is ever done to bring the facts to the public and to bring the culprits to the justice.  

These types of incidents speak volumes about the  Management Chaos in the country. There is increasing sense of insecurity among the people and people feel left alone. There is visible gap between the rulers and masses.  

In a country where law enforcement agencies fail even to impose ban on kite flying or on making of metal wire, how could they be expected to tackle  complex problem like that of terrorism which has deep roots and multiple dimensions. So it tries to shun its responsibility and look more competent and humane by announcing compensation of rupees 3 lacs for the  families of each individual who lose  his life. Its only here, where  a human life is priced. It’s a shame that anyone who lose his life by foreign missile attacks, bombings, metal wired kites or terrorist acts, is provided justice in the form of rupees three lacs.

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  1. Quite amazing is the denial, and across the board, that no Muslim can commit such an ugly, terrorist crime of killing Muslims from Sunni Tehreek and the Ahle Sunat/Barelvi school of thought in their dozens while they were praying and celebrating the birthday of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). An all-pervasive attitude of self-denial, like that of an ostrich, has continued to pre-empt self-introspection and helped cover up the skeletons in our own holier than thou religious cupboards.

    Leading clerics would have us believe that it is always an alien hand or an anti-Muslim, American-Jewish-Hindu conspiracy that is at constant work behind such sectarian killings as in Karachi. This is how they reinforce Huntington’s prejudicial ‘Clash of Civilizations’, and knowing well who is at whose throat.



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